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Pricing & Packages

Professional Organizer
Flat Rate

Shopping Assistant

One-Hour In-Person Consultation

I'll help you choose a package that fits your needs

Contact me for a FREE consultation


B Happy Silver 

For projects that require 12-20 hours



B Happy Gold

For projects that require 21 hours or more.


All packages include:


  • Free phone call consultation

  • Driving first hour free

  • No charge for fuel expenses

  • Work with your Schedule!

  • Shopping Assistance available at $40/ hour

  • We’ll talk about the project(s) at hand

  • Determine job requirements

  • Estimate amount of hours needed

  • Schedule times for working

  • Donation drop offs

I will help you choose the package you need according to your space, goals or after our first session.

Contact me for a FREE consultation

Steps to a B Happy organized space






Consultation and scheduling

Phone call to discover your needs and goals for your space.


Coordinate the time and date of our first session.

B Happy organizing first session: Minimum of 3 - 4 hours. Sort, purge, donations.


Ideal plan

After the first session, go with a package with discount prices if 12 hours or more of organizing work is needed.   


B Happy organizing sessions

Keep the project going. Sort, purge, assign home, containerize and label your belongings.


Enjoy your B Happy Space and keep it up.

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