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About me


I am a Colombian professional in marketing and advertising and a Professional Organizer. Organization has always been an important pillar in my life which my mother infused in me since I was a child. I am happily married with an attorney who represents kids with special needs. I love learning and trying new things every day including English, cultures, customs, fashion, food and organization techniques.


One of the most important things in my career in Colombia as a Marketing and Advertising Professional was customer satisfaction and having proposals that fit the consumer. Now with my company, B Happy Organized by Laura, and as a Professional Organizer passionate about order, I see the opportunity to continue bringing satisfaction and happiness to my clients.


I love seeing and helping my clients have their home or office visually more organized and functional. With this organizational process, you can experience the following:

  • Free time to enjoy activities with family, friends or by yourself.

  • Reduced stress and time looking for things everywhere without success.

  • Save money by avoiding buying duplicates of things you didn't know you already had.

An organized home is a happy home. I will never make you feel bad about the condition of your home/office. In fact, I enjoy the process of organizing and seeing you enjoy your newly organized space. We will work on your goals and have an excellent and satisfactory result.

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